Making $3,800 Per Week as a Medical Student

Our time has come! After years of studying and paying to work in the hospital. Finally, we can use this odd set of skills to make some cash. And I'm not talking about residency!

What is an EPIC Go-Live event?

An EPIC Go-Live event is when a hospital or healthcare system switches from their old medical record, whether it be paper-based or computer-based, to the leading medical record in the industry, EPIC. These hospitals contract with 3rd party companies that hire me and you to work in the hospital and help physicians adopt this new technology. Did I mention you get paid handsomely for it?

What's the catch?

The catch is you have to travel to the job, usually, and you'll probably have to be away from your family and friends for a bit. I'm currently on a 3-week project about 8 hours from home. Did I mention all of your travel expenses are covered, hotel too? That's right. Hotel paid for, rental car paid for, flights to and from the project paid for, and a daily $45 per diem on top of $40-$50 per hour.

This sounds amazing! How do I sign up?

Let me be the first to say. I don't get ANY money or rewards in any way for writing this post. I look at this website as a way to help the kids that didn't come from the rich families and are trying to make their way through school without burying their future under a pile of debt.

Let me also say that I have personally worked one of these jobs, and I would work just about as many of them as I possibly could if I had more time before starting residency.

Here are some companies that hire medical students/newly graduated physicians:

- MedDocLive

- RAIN Resources

- HCi Group

- Santa Rosa Consulting

- Divurgent

- PCS Healthcare IT

- CSI Healthcare IT

And more!

Do you have extra time between now and residency? Even if you don't but remain super interested, many of the companies will pay TWICE the amount they pay to medical students to residents who will come work for them. These rates are somewhere around $50-110/hour!

Keep an eye out. The companies mentioned above have emailing lists of their temp positions as they usually do their recruiting a few months before the next project. So, if you're interested, get on their email list so you're the first to know about the next opportunity.

Yay, I Matched! Now What Do I Do...

Yay, I Matched! Now What Do I Do...