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 Not actually my family, but not far off.   

Not actually my family, but not far off.


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  • Midwesterner by birth

  • Husband to the most amazing wife ever

  • Father to the cutest baby ever

  • Matching into Anesthesiology in 2018

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    • Financial Freedom/Total Debt Destruction
    • Investing via Real Estate & Stock Market
    • ACSM certified Personal Trainer
    • Family, Family, Family!

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I'm Mr. MedSchool Money. I started this blog after having an epiphany that I was completely unprepared to manage my finances in a way that would predictably and practically lead to financial freedom. My journey started when my wife and I were in a trying season financially: she was stuck in a dead-end job that she worked to put me through school, we had a child on the way, and we were borrowing the maximum federal amount of student loans.

I had a tipping point, if you will, when I spent $180 in a single month on coffee and restaurants, marking it all up to "necessary expenses" during medical school. I was so embarrassed that I had let myself become so financially out-of-shape and flabby. I knew that I had great financial aspirations- my wife and I dream of funding an orphanage and being quite philanthropic. But they were just that- lofty aspirations, and looking at where we were, we would end up in a never-ending cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck for the next couple decades if something didn't change. Additionally, I realized that the joy I had experienced being trained as a doctor was being robbed by the overwhelming financial circumstance that I had created for myself. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

So, I changed. The pain of the previous poor choices and pressures of life were the perfect spark and fuel to drastically change direction. I started looking for creative ways to make money while still being in med school, and that brought me to where I am today. Decreasing our expenses and slowly, but steadily, increasing our income. It has been a glorious journey and although I desperately want to be out of debt, this journey has been extremely rewarding and will only continue to be. Thank you for joining me! Leave a comment on a blog and introduce yourself!




My Mission:

Decreasing expenses and increasing income.

Helping you learn about wealth creation and financial freedom so that you can get back to enjoying the wonderful gift it is to be trained as a doctor.

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